Patent number: GB2490722 01482 755855

Technical Information

Lifting Options

There are a number of lifting options available when lifting the G-Tech coper range. In order to lift the copers safely, lifting eyes have been casted into the coper that allow for a fast, simple and safe method of attaching the coper to a chain lifting system.

Chains sets can be purchased or hired when ordering the coper sets and a set of lifting eyes are included with the set. A central master ring can be hung from most lifting systems and a balanced method lifting the coper safely allows it to be swung into place with ease once on site.

Lifting Trolley

The lifting trolley is a G-Tech designed unit. The trolleys are custom built in house by G-Tech and can be hired from G-Tech on a weekly or monthly hire period depending on the size of the contract.

Balance Trolley

Balance trolleys are hired across the country through national hire shops. Sometimes required to be pre-ordered most good hire shops can supply them.

Forktruck Swing Lift

The forktruck swing lift is another tool produced by G-Tech and again can be hired. The unit allows for a forklift truck to do all of the heavy lifting and the lifting chains again allow for simple coper placement.

Mini Digger

Mini-diggers are a clever lifting solution to an often narrow and heavy lifting route. The diggers are used again with the G-Tech lifting sets and the coper is placed over the bed and steadily dropped into place.

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