Patent number: GB2490722 01482 755855

Case Studies

Twickenham Station

In April 2014 G-Tech received an order to supply all the copers onto Twickenham Station. 500 1220mm x 1160mm copers were sent to be laid onto the southern stations harp platforms.

The hazard yellow tactile was going to replace the yellow line, which we always knew would be an attractive feature specified by Network Rail because comparing to a painted line; the blisters on the tactile make travellers aware they are standing on a line making them more conscious to step back and move behind it; barring that any chips or scratched would never damage the yellow surface as the product is yellow through-out minor defects would not show up.

The copers were laid in various weekend possessions over several weeks, with open dialogue with our client throughout this process. The result of this was confidence of this product being placed on the market with major new advantages – one being the faster laying time than conventional methods resulting in financial gain on labour costs and possession time. This was reiterated when 300 G-Tech copers were laid in a 72 hour single weekend possession.

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