Patent number: GB2490722 01482 755855

In the three years since May/June 2011 G-Tech Management and Staff have dedicated themselves to producing a solution to the conventional platform edging products found on most UK Rail platforms.

We aimed to create a highly innovative product which was developed based on using optimised design and materials solutions. After the development phase we continued with countless testing and destructive trials to satisfy ourselves that the end product was robust enough. We finally presented the product to Network Rail in June of the summer 2011. Thereafter we started a 14 month long phase of the coper steadily moving through Network Rail Standards.

On the 9th April 2014 the G-Tech coper finally received the certification from the UK Intellectual Property Office that a Patent had been granted. The coper is thus now patented technology and is protected in the UK under UK patent GB-B-2490722.

Our commitment to eliminating issues from traditional coper methods, has meant we have designed a product distinctive to G-Tech from the start, making the G-Tech Coper an essential part of rail platform specifications for future stations across the UK and further.

  • The first and original composite UK coper
  • Invented by G-Tech while others play catch-up
  • More Composite Copers on UK Station platforms than any other company
  • More Composite Copers in place for longer than any other company (almost three years of installations)
  • The most successful UK Composite Coper in the UK