Patent number: GB2490722 01482 755855

Technical Information

Standard Size Chart

Copers also manufactured to a large range of bespoke sizes on request.

Coper SizeDescription
930mm x 1165mmThe Coper and Tactile combined covers all standard sizes with a range specification to meet with all common platforms. The coper overall is set to 100mm in thickness to suit the particular application or specification.
1219mm x 1165mmThe Coper alone covers all standard sizes and can be made bespoke for a particular platform size.
1515mm x 1260mm Standard trestle coper. The recessed tactile 760mm from front edge.The Tactile again covers a broad range of potential sizes. Standard trestle coper comes complete with tactile
White line added to front coper edge in factory if requested100mm white line painted in the factory using Chlorinated rubber paint coating
Tolerance on Work Dimensions (mm) Length +5mm, width +3mm, thickness +3mm.
Due to Bespoke copings being manufactured in wooden moulds, there may be variance in final dimensions.

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