Patent number: GB2490722 01482 755855


Product Overview

G-Tech copers were originally developed to replace conventional multi-sectional coper systems manufactured from several concrete blocks. The G-Tech coper is the first composite coper with a compressive tactile that in addition to offering extermeley high wear factors, will also accommodate some movement to overcome the likes of frost heave and heavy loading.

The patented coper system offers a unique answer to alternative products with an industry first design which incorporates a surface mounted epoxy tactile housed within the recessed rear section. Open/wet joints are significantly reduced with a single composite block produced in all common platform sizes. The G-Tech coper replaces eight open joints on the traditional system with only three including abutted seams on the G-Tech system.

The tactile is adhered in factory, temperature-controlled conditions allowing us to give a performance guarantee for 25 years even in unpredictable British weather conditions.

The G-Tech coper arrives on site as a complete bonded system and can even be specified to include a painted chlorinated rubber white line on the front edge to save on-site labour hours after laying.


Saves Time

Preparation and laying time is reduced by a minimum of 30% in comparison to traditional methods.


Saves Money

Due to laying time being reduced time needed on site and for possessions is minimized.


Greater Longevity

The strength of our unit and bonding of the elements in factory controlled conditions ensures maximum lifespan.


Less Trip Hazard

As the G-Tech is a unit each component cannot move independently causing uneven surfaces.

Main Features

The G-Tech tactiles are formed from a unique blend of hard wearing aggregates and UV stable polyurethane resins. This combination allows for heavy impact resistance, along with a degree of substrate undulation where encountered.

The copers can be manufactured with a stabilising break within the side of the coper. The diamond cut breaks accommodate the vibration of trains that may otherwise allow the coper to gradually drift forward on the platform edge. This item should be specified at order stage.

To ensure a 100% bond to the concrete substrate the tactiles are adhered in a temperature controlled building. Once the adhesive has been allowed to fully cure the tactile and adhesive combine and transform to become part of the substrate adding strength to the entire coper unit.

The G-Tech coper is casted with the lifting facility built into the unit itself. The reinforcement within the coper extends to four evenly spaced threaded inserts. The threaded lifting points are used to support a 16mm lifting eye allowing for a balanced lift of the unit when transporting and laying.

Latest News

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