Patent number: GB2490722 01482 755855

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In late 2009 it was identified that Platform 2 at Bentley Railway Station had become hazardous to passengers, especially at the front of the platform. The existing coping stones were a mixture of 1000mm x 480mm, 930mm x 760 mm and 1200mm x 1000mm, these were over a distance of 150Mtrs.

G-Tech were asked to provide a solution to the problem of the copers, but also to provide a coper that meets DDA requirements without the inherent problem of trip hazards, often created by traditional coper and tactile installations.

After a few versions were designed and prototypes made, the now standard G-Tech coper was finally decided upon. This coper was laid to the entire Platform 2 in June 2011 by Colt Construction. This installation has been monitored every 6 months to date.


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