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About G-Tech

For some years there had been a growing desire to see innovation applied to the problems related to the platform edge coper and tactile from within Network Rail. A number of engineers and even one or two senior people with Network Rail UK had voiced their dissatisfaction with the current products available.

In 2008 Network Rail commissioned G-Tech to trial its innovative composite coper. The product derived from known issues with the traditional two part tactile and coper system. G-Tech’s unique, and Network Rail approved, coper design incorporates a surface mounted tactile housed within the recessed rear section of the coper unit.

The factory controlled installation of the tactile one of the key benefits of the G-Tech unit. Other benefits include a uniform mortar bed, significantly fewer open wet joints, speed of installation and reduced maintenance risks.

Following on from the success of the initial trial, and the interest generated, G-Tech are now pleased to be market leaders in adaptable and forward thinking platform components. As a result of these ongoing developments we are proud to offer improvements to the original concept.

The G-Tech composite coper unit is fully approved by Network Rail. Its innovative design consistently delivers on cost, time and quality. The new design considerably reduces the age old problems related to frost heave and differential movement.

Installation by G-Tech

G-Tech copers are built with ease of installation and more importantly with a long low maintenance lifespan in mind. Our own teams of installation engineers have been installing the single unit G-Tech copers for many years. They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise with many years of faultless installation. If you want a quotation for your platform installation our engineers will be more than happy to accommodate you.

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