Patent number: GB2490722 01482 755855

G-Tech has proudly donated 1000 of our Combined coper units to Wensleydale railway station.

The upgrading and refurbishing of heritage stations have always been of great interest to G-Tech and associate company Colt Construction Limited, with Colt undertaking a wide range of contracts within the heritage sector. 

At G-Tech we keep an active involvement where the opportunities arise to work towards the improvement of heritage stations, and the rail infrastructure in general. 

Helen Ashworth of Wensleydale Railways 

“I am overwhelmed by the generosity of G-Tech Copers Ltd in donating over 1000 copers worth over £150,000 to the Wensleydale Railway Association charity. The copers will mean a second platform at Leyburn in the Yorkshire Dales can be built by our dedicated volunteers as well as future platform restorations. Without such donations the Railway would not be able to undertake such projects.”

Mandy Barmby, G- Tech’s Director comments 

“It’s an honour to support Wensleydale Heritage Railway, preserving heritage on our railways is vitally important to us”